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A Woman Alive

June 23rd, 2014

What Makes You Feel Alive? And WHY do you care?

By Diane

you-were-bord-an-originalI remember the very first time I was really excited about who I was discovering myself to be. I ran home to tell my parents, “I am so excited – I know what I want to do when I grow up – I want to be an actress.” Can you guess the response? Let me just say it was not even close to “Wow – that is great –lets support you to learn more about that.” 

It is my experience that our excitement, our ideas, and our feelings get stopped in their tracks and shut down pretty much as soon as we begin to express ourselves. Not always and not all the time. But slowly and surely those shut-downs stack up; one upon another and the next and the next and until what was intuitively and authentically inside of us becomes so far buried that a bulldozer may be needed to excavate it!

And so – let’s stick with buried metaphor for a moment – do really believe that when you are walking around and buried under all of those “no, your wrong”, “you should do that”, “you can’t do that”, “that won’t work” statements that you are truly ALIVE?

Is it actually comfortable being buried alive in your life?

I believe that when we take the time to dig down deep, excavate and bring our authentic selves fully into the light that we not only find more fulfillment and satisfaction in our lives but we inherently feel more truly ALIVE.

And why do care? Because when you are living your life from a place of authenticity, when you feel ALIVE, that is when miracles occur.

Imagine living your life from a place where you are able to be open and honest in all of your relationships even when it is scary or hard. Imagine building your career and work life from a place of purpose and passion. Imagine letting go of worrying about judgment from others and if you are doing what you should do versus what you desire to do. Imagine trusting yourself enough to take those big risks you always dreamed about. Imagine accepting yourself totally even when you falter or make a mistake.

Just imagine. Then start digging out.

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