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A Woman Alive

July 17th, 2014

The Path to Self-Acceptance

By Diane

self_love_quote_maraboli My journey has been one of deep healing, self-acceptance and learning to take both responsibility and action. When I first met Diane I was coming from a very broken place. I felt completely beaten-down, deflated and trapped professionally. This seeped into my personal life ultimately leaving me holding on to my happiness and self-esteem by a thread. My first few meetings with Diane were characterized by a litany of self-deprecation. I expressed all the ways in which I should have been a better woman: I should have a routine, I should know what I want to do in life, I should be skinnier, I should be smarter, I should like my job, I should be a better daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend, roommate, etc … the list of things I should have been and should be went on and on!

The ways in which I’ve grown in a very short time has been truly empowering. Diane has a way of listening to you with such clarity that she is able to guide you to a safe place of reflection. Every instance in which I sought so steadfastly to cut myself down a size, she was there to challenge my understanding of a situation and myself. I will no longer live my life entrapped by the should’s, but rather seek out my truth in everything that I do.

Here is what I’ve learned: know the difference between “I should” vs. “I desire”; acknowledge those deep-rooted dreams and feelings that I have (that most others have, too!) – whether the same dream every day or multiple dreams of completely different size and color – they are not random, irrelevant or unattainable, but rather meaningful clues into my authentic self; I am 100% responsible for the way I communicate with others; in everything that I do, I have a choice; the woman I envision as my ‘best self’ already resides within me; and most importantly, what I will carry with me the rest of my life is the understanding and acceptance that my journey is never-ending and is ever-changing.

The path of self-acceptance has supported me to make significant changes both professionally and personally. I have started a new job that actually fits with my desires and priorities, my personal relationships are deepening as I take on more responsibility for the way I communicate with those closest to me, and best of all, I know that at any point in time I can change my circumstances through taking action and believing in the powerful woman that I am.

CL, Career Transition Client

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