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A Woman Alive

October 20th, 2016

Smooth Seas Do Not Make Skillful Sailors

By Diane

smooth-seas-do-not-make-skillful-sailorsThis week in the It Takes A Village Wellness Center & Yoga Studio we are talking about trust and faith. Tough topics during a turbulent time when we are experiencing some rough seas.  There seems to be so much angst, anger, confusion and bashing going on in our political scene and elsewhere.

I was working with a coaching client this morning and she was saying to me how challenged she felt to detach herself from all of it – she was feeling pulled into the negativity and unable to shake it. Our conversation inspired me to share my thoughts with all of you.

The truth of our lives is that there are always challenges, always struggles and often much suffering. And yet we go on with our lives. This is, I believe the way of the world.

So for me I do not work on detaching or ignoring. Nor do I engage in heated debates or try to prove that my thoughts and beliefs are right. What I am trying to do is to trust and have faith. I find my faith in a greater power to be stronger then it has ever been and I am leaning on it more through prayer and meditation. I am trusting with out reservation that my family, my community and my country will come though this chaos smarter, wiser and even more compassionate.

And most importantly I trust in my family, my friends, my network, and my community of students and clients that together we can weather any storm. Together we can continue to share our moments of joy, hold each other in times of suffering and live in the light of our authentic selves.

I am so grateful to the community I have around me. So I would offer –  instead of trying to ignore or detach, instead of focusing on fear or arguing – hold your community tightly to you. Know that with each storm you are becoming a more skillful sailor. Trust, have faith and inspire those around to do the same.



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