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A Woman Alive

February 12th, 2016


By Diane

CharlieChaplinPoemFebruary. The month of Valentines Day, a month that surrounds us with conversations and thoughts of relationships and love.  I wanted to dig deeper into the many shades of love and spend some time exploring how to truly cultivate the concept of self-love. 

In my poking around I came across an article written by a yogi about SELF-IRRESISTIBILITY.  The term immediately resonated with me.  One can find slews of articles, books, webinars and videos on how to boost our self confidence and make ourselves irresistible TO others (particularly if we are single and desiring to change that status:-) but that is not where I wanted to go. I love the idea of being IRRESISTIBLE to myself.


  • Enjoying one’s own company.
  • A deep and internal contentment and joy that radiates out into the world.


Considering this – I realized that I always find that deep part of myself when I am out on the water sailing.  I say often that sailing makes my heart sing.  In those moments out the water, with a bright sun and a good wind I feel as if I am soaring.  I sing at the top of my lungs, laugh with abandon, can sit in quiet stillness for hours, and am completely free of self-doubt, self-criticism – the monkey mind of swirling conversation is quiet.  I am truly in those moments filed with love.  I feel SELF-IRRESISTIBILITY.

And so in this month of Love I will do those things more often.

  • Turn the music up loud; dance and sing with abandon. 
  • I will enjoy more laughter and practice laughing at myself and the crazy things I do.
  • I will start each day with a positive tone through affirmations and end each day in a practice of gratitude.
  • I will spend more time sitting in quiet stillness. 

I will continue to impatiently wait for sailing season to begin again but in the meantime I can still spend February finding myself completely irresistible and falling in love with me!


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