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A Woman Alive

July 30th, 2014

Reconnecting to My “Must Haves”

By Diane

I recently wen???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????t on a vacation to Cancun – a needed break with my only expectation being to relax, recharge and untie myself from my computer and my phone. I managed all of those successfully but there was another enlightening result from my travels.

As I spent the days soaking in the warm salty Caribbean Sea I felt a part of myself open up, soften and heal in a way I had not at all anticipated. My skin felt better, my hair and nails became visibly healthier (I know that sounds a bit odd but….) and something began to unwind in me. I felt a connection to myself I had not felt for a while – something intangible and intuitive that caused me to pause and wonder.

I work a lot with my clients helping them to get very clear about the must haves in their life – those things that make their hearts sing, their confidence soar and their energy feel unparalleled. And I realized I had forgotten one of mine – the ocean. For me there is a deep connection to the salt water – sitting by it, sailing on it or swimming in it – that cleanses and makes me feel alive in a way I just do not feel when I am away from it

I have spent a lot of time and energy in my life over the past 5 years looking for, wishing for and seeking to find a partner and, I must admit, quite a bit of time complaining about my state of single-dom – lamenting my aloneness! I was avoiding my own knowing that, in the focused pursuit of my desire to have a partner, I had been searching for fulfillment and contentment outside of myself. I had forgotten my must haves and the internal joy and satisfaction they provide me. I experienced in Cancun the emptiness and loneliness I have often felt being erased and stilled in the current of the ocean and the salt against my skin. I felt whole alone.

I am not sure where this new knowledge will take me or what path it will have me choose – but I do know that it is another step in discovering what nurtures me deep inside, a step in discovering myself as a woman alone and thriving.

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