March Monthly Activities

By Diane

Please share your experience with these activities
through out the next month.
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  1. Pick a FEAR. Make a list of all the things you are afraid of, that hold you back form doing things or accomplishing a dream.
  2. After you have made the list pick one item. Create an action plan of steps on how you are going to overcome and move into action one step at a time.
  3. Enroll an accountability partner to help you complete each step. Set times and deadlines for each step and move into action.

Here are few helpful strategies to help “train your brain” to take risks and make new choices:

  • Write down all of the negative consequences for NOT taking the risk or making a change.
  • Write down a list of all of the positives that could come from taking the risk, even if you make a few mistakes along the way.
  • Make a list of all the skills, talents and expertise you DO have – focus on all your past learning and trust yourself that you can continue to learn and grow.
  • Be realistic about what could go wrong. We over-estimate the impact of our mistakes. My Father has a great story about a man who worked for a large corporation. He made a $34 Million dollar mistake for his company. He was called into the CEO’s office and as he walked through the door he thought he was about to loose his job. Instead he was given a promotion. His boss said to him, “We have too much invested in your learning curve to let you go.” The gentlemen went on to have an extremely successful career.
  • Let go of what other’s think. We spend too much time worrying about what others think and believe. How does what others believe impact your life? It does not unless YOU let it.
  • Set an intention and a positive vision for stepping into risk. Then trust the process.
  • Take small steps, take one day at a time and know you can always make a new choice.