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The Story Behind Living Alive…

Everyone’s journey has bumps in the road.  The road we travel from birth to our passing is ever changing. Some move with more grace and ease through the entire journey and others of us, myself among them, have a more difficult time and seem to get more easily caught up in the bramble by the side of the road, making our way more clumsily and hoping to find our feet. Either way there are moments of joy and happiness alongside moments of deep pain, anguish, failure and hurt.  And always along the way – weather we are light-footed or travel with a heavier load – we ask ourselves many questions. How do I make sense of it all, how do I live my best life, why me, how will I get through the tough times, where will I find love and perhaps the largest question of all – what does it all mean?

I am fairly certain that if asked how I landed where I am today I would have to answer that I truly stumbled to this place – but not by accident.  I have always held an intuitive, innate awareness that there was more to my life then the seeming failures, disappointments and self-doubt.  There has always  been this deep sense and desire to live feeling more engaged, more energized and more alive.  And so my path always lead me to seek answers to the questions that boiled around in my ever busy brain. Slowly over time I found my feet were able to traverse the roadblocks, the fallen trees and the potholes with more ease and grace.  I began to feel more connected to myself, to my life, to heart and to my soul – I began to feel truly alive.

My hope is that the bits and pieces of my story and the stories of the women and men who have influenced my life will help you to navigate the road you travel with more ease and grace.  That with every learning and each experience you can take away a nugget of truth for your own life and recognize one day that you are living your life fully alive.

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