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A Woman Alive

September 11th, 2015

Life Lessons From the Cockpit: The Winds of Change

By Diane

Clearly I love to sail.  I have been blessed to be able to move here to Port Jefferson and begin to sail again – an activity I am passionate about and one that feeds my soul.

I have also come to realize that there are many great analogies one can make between sailing and how we live our lives.

This is the first in my series of articles “Life Lessons from the Cockpit.” I hope you enjoy this series – I would appreciate your candid feedback!

What I love the most about sailing is the connection to the wind and water; the need for an awareness of the tides, the currents, the wind direction and speed, and learning how to use the charts, the land and the buoys to navigate safely. I love the deep connection to the elements and the realization that I am the mercy of mother nature when out on the water.

I can not always control direction of the wind on the water or in my life. Things change. Things happen.  What is happening daily in our work, our families and in the world is constantly in flux. Emergencies arise.

Here is what I have learned:

I can not control all of the circumstances that occur in my life
but I can control the choices I make in every circumstance.

Sailors learn how to adjust sails properly according to the direction of the wind, the wind speed and their desired outcome whether that is getting to a specific destination, winning a race, or just being out on the water for a leisurely cruise.

I work often with clients to help them flesh out and truly understand the most important values and priorities in their lives. Then, when the wind shifts, they are able to base their responses and choices on those values and priorities.

A sailor knows that when an unexpected storm hits they need to reef their sails.  We may, in our own lives for example, highly value and prioritize resolving conflict rather than engaging in a victim/blame response.  Knowing this, when conflict does arise we will understand clearly how we desire to set our sails.

I have always believed that awareness of who we want to choose to be is so important – it provides the guidepost for our decision making and our choices – no matter what the circumstances, no matter which way the wind decides to blow.

Not only can an awareness of your values and priorities help to guide your choices – but it also allows you to stay energized and focused even in times of chaos and change.

Here is a list of questions to consider when an unexpected wind begins to blow.

  1. What am I resisting in this circumstance?
  2. What can take from this experience in terms of my goals and priorities in my life?
  3. Where in this moment is there potential for learning and personal growth?
  4. Is there another way to deal with situation, a new way that I have not tried before that may lead to a more positive outcome?
  5. Is there a new or unexpected opportunity I should explore in this situation?
  6. How can I adjust my sails in this moment while staying aligned with my values, priorities and the larger vision for my life?

We simply cannot control the wind.   We cannot control the tides.  But we can control our perceptions in each and every moment and make choices that guide us, with an energizing and positive force, toward our destination.



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