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A Woman Alive

December 16th, 2013

Leaning Into Love: Lesson Learned

By Diane

I met Izetta in September, she is one of my fellow yoga teacher trainees.  And then we discovered that we were both part of the Momentum Community and yet another bond of connection was shared.  And then in early November Izetta was notified that her Mother had passed. When she returned to teacher training Izetta shared with me the lesson she had experienced during her time of grief, sorrow and great loss.  I wanted her to share it with you, my readers.  A powerful story from powerful and truly authentic soul.  Thank you Izetta.

IzettaMom “I knew it, I knew, I knew something was wrong,” I wailed as I collapsed into a heap in the changing room of Sacred Brooklyn. I just received the confirming phone call from my sister, “She’s gone Zetta.” My heart imploded and words came out in fits and gasps.  Supported … Women came to my side; a friend, a teacher, a stranger, a fellow trainee, all with faces full of concern, soothing touches, words and questions, “what’s wrong, what happened sis, are you ok?” Lifted, supported, my stuff and I carried and assisted as I shuffled pass the alter honoring the dead and we entered the massage room.  Lifted and supported I somehow came to sit on the table – 3 women, eyes searching, hands rubbing limbs and torso. Three women, just like us … a mother and 2 daughters … Dearly departed … She’s gone.

I didn’t want to believe it, even as my sister came to get me, I fell into her as we made our way to the car. We drove with my brother-in law and nephew in tow. There, as we arrived to my house, she stood, sistafriend, waiting loving eyes, arms extended, giving heart, she held me up the steps and into the house. Man child eyes looking, my sister walked over and held him in prayer, delivered the news and it came like a wave, the sound of a man child’s voice deep sobs and cries, hugging tightly. I watched heart bursting … She’s gone. Love came running through the door, ready, willing and able. The night waned on. They came one by one, long time friends, a friend no more, cosmic twin, poetic sister, cousin- Fastgirls. “Just be Zetta, you don’t have to do anything, let us support you.”

My weekend filled with laughter holding up the walls, tears watering the earth beneath us, prayer lifting us all and guiding my mother through her transition. Candles, incense, bullah, shades of red, how did they know? Mango sticky rice, ginger tea, potted plants, a hug, a prayer, a smile, a story, a joke…. space. Each person flowed in out of the house that weekend. I sat and for the first time did nothing. I listened and let myself be supported, cradled, lifted and loved.

Falling asleep, waking up with new memories of “she’s gone” and I wept and he was there with a gentle voice, a prayer, a request, a promise and I again was lifted and supported. My mother turned and looked and I saw her smile. I envisioned that she saw me, standing with every single one of these people there, behind me and beside me, hands extended touching. She whispered, “You are ok Zetta girl, they got  you. I’m still here, I love you always.”

It was then that I knew, that this has always been my story, that there were people who loved and all they ever wanted was for me to let them hold me up, the same way I held them and I got it. Thank you mommy, lesson learned.

Izetta Henderson Biography
Izetta Henderson, a.k.a “The Sorceress” buys, styles and conceptual designs with the intention of unleashing ones unique style in a confident, free, fearless, and authentic way. She is committed to elevating ones sense of individual artistic expression without compromising their true selves. She also has been known for having a sharp eye for trendsetting, locating affordable Vintage finds and helping other companies with branding and marketing. Izetta also actively works with youth by providing them with the tools and training to explore the foundation of design, fashion, retail and business through experiential learning, theory and practice – using the vast resources of New York City as the backdrop to their hands on experience.
Izetta has over 12 years of experience in the fashion and retail industry, and is skilled in buying, planning; merchandising and trend forecasting. By combining these skill-sets, along with spiritual practice, fitness and coaching, Izetta is able to use fashion as a path which leads to the true self within.

2 Responses to “Leaning Into Love: Lesson Learned”

  1. buttafly soul

    My heart is full of poems because of you and Momma….

  2. buttafly soul

    My heart is full of poems. Thank you and Momma