July Daily Ritual

By Diane


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Learn to Observe Your Thoughts rather then reacting to your thoughts.

This is why I love Savasana at the end of every yoga practice. We lay on our backs and just let go into stillness and quiet. It is a great place to notice thoughts. They come in, they go away. There is no reaction, nothing to do except observe their passing. I like to say at the end of my classes, “allow your thoughts to flow through your mind like a river – you notice them and they just float away on the current.”

For the next 30 days make a commitment to sit in stillness for 5 minutes a day. Focus on your breath (counting), a word or a phrase. Notice when a thought comes in and distracts you. Instead of continuing with that thought go back to the breath or the mantra. This is observing your thoughts. And the more you practice the more you will be able to notice when you are making an assumption and switch gears to clear communication!