January Monthly Activities

By Diane

Please share your experience with these activities
through out the next month.
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I. Release an old story from the past.

Consider an Old Story you are ready to let go of. First think of the lesson you learned from the experience and write that down.  Then write all of the details from the old story you are releasing.  Find an old can, place the pages of the old story in the can and burn them.  Say goodbye and watch the story drift away in the smoke.  Repeat the lesson you learned in present tense language.

II. Write your Vision for the coming year.

This can be 2 to 5 sentences, all written in present tense stating how you would like your life, your work, your relationships and your environment to FEEL.  This vision statement is a place to get clear on the values and priorities that are of most importance to you this year.  Share your Vision Statement with me on Facebook!  I will be sharing mine. Include:

  • What is possible this year? What do you aspire to?
  • What inspires you?
  • What values and priorities are most important to you?