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A Woman Alive

August 14th, 2013

Hello To Me!

By Diane

IMG_9675I loved the piece “Fair Warning – 23 Things You Probably Don’t Need to Know About Me” written by Meg Lawton.

It inspired me to take a moment and free-flow write who I am, what is important to me, what inspires me and to acknowledge those parts of myself that scream at me on certain days.

The practice of writing this out is utterly freeing, and it has motivated me to keep going! Each day, I will write down three or four things I am learning or experiencing at that moment. Who better to get to know well then me?

I hope you, my lovely readers, will take a moment as well, and comment and share a bit about you by “Saying Hello to Yourself.” Who are you?!

Hello to Me!

A warm fire, good friends, good cheer.

My home, my space, a moment to breathe.

The bikram studio, a walk in the woods, swimming naked in the moonlight, floating.

Riding my bike thru the city streets feeling free and able to go and be anywhere at my own whim.

Fear of aging, fear of being alone, afraid of not being good enough to accomplish my dreams.

A glass of wine, a conversation, a special connection.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream and walking on the beach.

Sweating, running, moving, walking; Kickboxing when I need to take my frustrations out.

A beautiful piece of art, the woods, cross country skiing across an open field.

An old home, a country inn and hot tubs.

Cleaning, organizing, accomplishing, productivity on a good day.

Impatience, anger, frustration on a long day.

Live and love with passion, take risks, dive in, feel the fear, do it anyway.

Accepting my over planning, yet under organizing my time and being a control freak when the day does not go my way.

Playing in the mud, planting a garden, watching it grow.

Feeling fully, remembering not to run away but to seek the truth, learn, grow, read, listen.

Attempting to own it, to take responsibility.

Wearing my emotions on my sleeve even when those around might not need to know.

Saying I am sorry when I do not follow-through, when I say words I regret.

Forgiving myself, forgiving others, living with compassion and kindness for myself.

Roller coasters and road-trips.

A good long cry – when my daughter leaves, when I am feeling lost and alone.

Cooking, creating, entertaining, dreaming and believing.

Music, dancing, letting go and riding the wind.

All of this is me.



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