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Managing Stress through Breathe and Movement

This workshop introduces breathing, movement, relaxation and visualization techniques that help participants learn how to manage the physical symptoms of stress through out the day. Over time these strategies sustainably alter the participant’s ability to release stress and to live in a more positive relaxed state, freeing the mind and body to heal as well as to work and teach at their fullest potential. This workshop is best taught in a 1½ hour or half-day format. Participants should dress to move comfortably.

  • Understand the physiology of stress
  • Acute vs. Chronic stress and its role in illness and dis-ease
  • Learn breathing and movement techniques to manage stress
  • Experience relaxation, visualization and meditation

The Whole-Health Wellness Connection:
Revitalize Productivity, Innovation & Communication Skills

In the face of massive multi-tasking, longer work hours, 24/7 on-line connection, ever changing technology in an uncertain future, home lives with two working adults and a myriad of other changes in our work/life cultural landscape many individuals and organizations are experiencing an energy meltdown. The real KEY to increasing productivity, encouraging innovation and developing effortless communication skills is by eliminating the high-cost of energy depleting behaviors and activities. This workshop is best taught in a 1½ hour, half-day or full-day format. This workshop delivers actionable strategies and accountability that create positive, palpable and sustainable shifts:

  • Reinvigorating and maintaining passion for work
  • Bolstering commitment to the larger vision
  • Boosting creative decision-making and effective leadership
  • Banishing burnout and outsourcing overwhelm
  • Being healthy and accessing full potential
  • Getting more done in less time
  • Eliminating the high-cost of energy depleting behaviors and activities
  • Implementing and sustaining more effective and positive communication