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June 29th, 2017
by Diane

July Daily Ritual


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Learn to Observe Your Thoughts rather then reacting to your thoughts.

This is why I love Savasana at the end of every yoga practice. We lay on our backs and just let go into stillness and quiet. It is a great place to notice thoughts. They come in, they go away. There is no reaction, nothing to do except observe their passing. I like to say at the end of my classes, “allow your thoughts to flow through your mind like a river – you notice them and they just float away on the current.”

For the next 30 days make a commitment to sit in stillness for 5 minutes a day. Focus on your breath (counting), a word or a phrase. Notice when a thought comes in and distracts you. Instead of continuing with that thought go back to the breath or the mantra. This is observing your thoughts. And the more you practice the more you will be able to notice when you are making an assumption and switch gears to clear communication!

April 26th, 2017
by Diane

April Daily Ritual

Evening Reflection

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Use the journal you have used for previous Daily Rituals. (Or buy a journal this month!)

At the end of the day sit for a moment and reflect on your day. What happen today that was unexpected? How did you respond? Were you able to stay present and construct a positive perspective or result?

What happened perhaps today that unexpected and wonderful?

Write a brief reflection each evening on your experience with the unexpected.
Watch how the journey unfolds over the month.

March 19th, 2017
by Diane

March Daily Ritual

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Create Your Own! Create a new daily ritual for yourself.

Choose something that is a bit risky for you. It can be something small, something large. But – take a risk and change something you do daily.

Walk a different way to work, switch up your workout routine, switch from coffee to tea in the morning, stay away from social media for a month, or limit your checking time each day, cut out an activity from your daily life that you do not enjoy

Pick one thing, change something you do daily that is in your comfort zone and switch it up!

February 15th, 2017
by Diane

February Daily Ritual

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You guessed it! Start a Gratitude Journal. Begin or end each day taking five minutes to write down 5 things you are grateful for. Try to change them up each day. Look for the smallest moments. Examine the darkest hour for it bright spot, for the gift. When things are not going your way instead of choosing victim ask yourself what you can learn and find gratitude in the lesson.

Show appreciation to someone each and everyday. Track this in your journal. It is amazing a small comment can change a person’s day. People love to hear their name spoken aloud. Ask your waiter their name and thank them by name. Tell the customer service person how helpful they were. Thank a co-worker for sharing the load. It is amazing to me how much others do for us that is taken totally for granted until we actually take the time to notice.

January 17th, 2017
by Randy Caruso

January Daily Ritual

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This month we are going to practice being present thorough breath.  These practices help us to learn how to stay present, to notice our thoughts, to recognize that we are not our thoughts and to understand that we can cultivate new ways of thinking and speaking both to others and to ourselves.  Practice one technique through out the month or change it up each day.  Commit to breathing every day!

Deep Belly Breathing

Start by practicing for at least THREE MINUTES a day and work up to 10 minutes.  Listen to my belly breath audio here.

Or watch the Belly Breathing video to learn the mechanics of Belly Breathing.

Use one of the two following techniques for your Daily Breathing

  • VITTRA BREATHING – Even counting on the inhale and the exhale. Try and work your way up to 6 to 8 counts.
  • 4-7-8 Breath. Inhale for 4 counts, hold for 7 counts and exhale for 8.

Breathing Meditation sitting or lying down comfortably

(Again start with 2 to 3 minutes and work up to 10.)

  • What is something (a feeling, emotion, thought) that you would like to get rid of? Breathe it out on every long complete exhale.
  • What is a quality, thought or feeling you would like to cultivate this month, this year? Breathe it in on every deep inhale and imagine it filling your entire body