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A Woman Alive

January 13th, 2015

Breaking Patterns and Shifting Perspectives

By Diane

Thank you so much for sharing your heartfelt story here EP! I have been so honored to work with you and look forward to the journey continuing!

elaine_working_02 “I did not want a coach. I used to associate coaching with bullying. But someone I admire gave me Diane’s information and I eventually called as I was stuck in inaction and headed for what I felt was disaster: tax deadlines. I called looking for a quick fix and intended to have one session but after our initial talk together, I could see clearly that I would be in a different place in my life after working through a plan of action with her. I did not hesitate to sign up for a block of sessions even though my funds were limited. I could tell she was going to help me get somewhere different than where I currently was. Which was what I KNEW I wanted. And boy did she do that!

I am ever grateful for Diane’s ability to listen with grace, focus, and great attention, to my whole being. She shines a light in the dusty corners I have ignored. She challenges me to sweep into those corners and break the old ways habits that used to limit and define me. She is firm but nurturing as I work through breaking patterns and shifting perspectives that hold me back. She is helping me carve a path forward far beyond my own expectations of my looming tax deadlines. She is helping me overcome lifelong issues that recur and trip me up by giving me the tools and the guidance to be able to summon my inner coach. So I can reach my fullest potential.

She has the ability to identify, understand and explore areas in one’s life that need attention, self nurturing and action so we can be our best selves. She illuminates, brilliantly, the hidden potential and pathways to abundance in us all. This is sacred work Diane is doing here. I am truly grateful to be working with her.”
EP, Fashion Design

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