April Monthly Activities

By Diane

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through out the next month.
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Breaking through Expectation

  • This month work on creating a list of all the expectations you have for yourself, for others and for circumstances.  We will call this your Book of Rules. Write this down for yourself over the course of a couple weeks. Catch yourself when you are expecting something from a family member, a co-worker or a friend. Write these down.  Catch yourself when are let down or angry because something did not happen exactly as you had wanted it to.
  • Go through your list and ask yourself what your true motivation or thought process was behind the expectation. Is this expectation an unconscious rule you hold in your mind? Was there something you wanted? Could you have asked, made a request? What did you potentially miss out on by not having a circumstantial expectation met?
  • Examine your list of expectations and rules and see if you can write a new Book of Rules that encourage you to let go of your most frequent expectations. For example:
    1. I will remember to say I love you to my partner each day. (Instead of,  “my partner should say I love you to me more often”).
    2. When it rains I get to snuggle in bed and read a good book. (Instead of complaining about the rain ruining your plans)
    3. I will make a request that we spend a date night together each month. (Instead of being angry because your partner never asks you to spend time alone away from the hustle and bustle of your daily lives)
    4. I complement my co-workers when they do great work. (Instead of, “No one ever compliments my hard work.”)
    5. Post your new “Rules” somewhere you can see them and review daily.