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A Woman Alive

January 6th, 2016

A New Year’s Resolution…..

By Diane

Over 15 years ago I began to practice Bikram yoga.  This lead me to experimenting and practicing a variety of styles, learning more about yoga philosophy, understanding yoga as a tool for healing, becoming a children’s yoga teacher and eventually a certified teacher for adults.

What I have learned from yoga is that there is no destination.  My practice, both Vinyasa and Bikram, evolves and changes.  Every day I approach the mat with the intention of being where I am today, the resolve to heal, grow and just practice.

During this time of year we tend to reflect on where we would like to create change in our lives, where we would like for things to be different.  We set goals, create resolutions and step into the new year determined to stop a behavior, accomplish something new or change habits and patterns. All good, but all too often this process can take us to a place where we beat ourselves up for the past, criticize ourselves and forget to remember our growth over time, our evolution of learning and growing.

In yoga we use the term SANKALPA, the setting of an intention that is a reflection of our deepest values, a bigger picture of what one desires, from the heart, to create in the world.  For me this year my SANKALPA is to create deep healing in myself while offering healing and compassion to others.  There are milestones and goals I desire to reach, but with each step I will ask myself if I am aligned and living with the resolve and intention to heal and to be compassionate.

So I will step onto my mat each day for my own healing.  I will write these newsletters, work with clients, teach classes and live with resolve and intention toward healing and compassion.

I will resolve to evolve.  Where are you resolved to evolve in 2016?


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