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A Woman Alive

December 16th, 2013
by Diane

Leaning Into Love: Lesson Learned

I met Izetta in September, she is one of my fellow yoga teacher trainees.  And then we discovered that we were both part of the Momentum Community and yet another bond of connection was shared.  And then in early November Izetta was notified that her Mother had passed. When she returned to teacher training Izetta shared with me the lesson she had experienced during her time of grief, sorrow and great loss.  I wanted her to share it with you, my readers.  A powerful story from powerful and truly authentic soul.  Thank you Izetta.

IzettaMom “I knew it, I knew, I knew something was wrong,” I wailed as I collapsed into a heap in the changing room of Sacred Brooklyn. I just received the confirming phone call from my sister, “She’s gone Zetta.” My heart imploded and words came out in fits and gasps.  Supported … Women came to my side; a friend, a teacher, a stranger, a fellow trainee, all with faces full of concern, soothing touches, words and questions, “what’s wrong, what happened sis, are you ok?” Lifted, supported, my stuff and I carried and assisted as I shuffled pass the alter honoring the dead and we entered the massage room.  Lifted and supported I somehow came to sit on the table – 3 women, eyes searching, hands rubbing limbs and torso. Three women, just like us … a mother and 2 daughters … Dearly departed … She’s gone.

I didn’t want to believe it, even as my sister came to get me, I fell into her as we made our way to the car. We drove with my brother-in law and nephew in tow. Read more »

December 4th, 2013
by Diane

Rigorous Gratitude

I have been giving gratefula lot of thought to gratitude over   the past few weeks.  I have a pretty solid practice, each day listing those pieces of my life, the people and the opportunities I am grateful for.  However, in the throws of letting go of a relationship, struggling with some pieces around my family and worrying about some major changes I need to make, I realized that I was not utilizing the practice of gratitude as tool to help me through these challenges.

On Sunday I attended a service at Celebration Spiritual Center. I was having a rough day. I was feeling the darkness creeping in.  The pastor spoke of finding comfort in the discomfort and light in the darkness.

“But how?” was the question I kept asking myself.  And I realized the answer came directly back to gratitude. Read more »