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A Woman Alive

August 19th, 2013
by Diane

A New Chapter

Tomorrow is an exciting day as I travel to take my daughter Jessica to Syracuse University to start her freshman year.  Her journey to college was not an easy one.  I know that I made many mistakes as a parent.  Jessica has had heheadshotr share of hardships and difficulties because of that.  And Jesse is not the “perfect” child.  But she is my perfect daughter!  Her strength, tenacity and willingness to look AUTHENTICALLY at who she is, is something that all of us can learn from. I do hope you will take the time to read her story.  I believe she is off to college tomorrow because of her willingness to look deep into herself, acknowledge all of who she is and in that moment step truly into herself as a young woman. 

Jessica, I am so honored to be your mother and so grateful that you are my daughter.  Thank you for all of your gifts you so openly share.


Courage; a word that everyone interprets differently.

For me, Mary exemplifies all the qualities I associate with courage. In the face of fear, doubt, and the unknown, she turned to God and looked within herself to follow what she intrinsically knew was the right decision. She stood by her son at a time when everyone else turned their backs from him, and even though she was unsure about her own future, she bravely stood her ground. Though I think it is presumptuous to compare myself to Mary, I too have had to bravely step into the unknown. Like Mary, I have had to believe in my own opinions and courageously take a leap of faith. However, I did not possess nearly as much grace as Mary while on my own journey of discovering exactly what possessing courage means.

As many of you know, I grew up in New York City. New York is an amazing place to grow up in, filled with culture, and exciting opportunities. However, the city can often be an isolating place and a world were young adults have to be extremely self-reliant and independent. Read more »

August 14th, 2013
by Diane

Hello To Me!

IMG_9675I loved the piece “Fair Warning – 23 Things You Probably Don’t Need to Know About Me” written by Meg Lawton.

It inspired me to take a moment and free-flow write who I am, what is important to me, what inspires me and to acknowledge those parts of myself that scream at me on certain days.

The practice of writing this out is utterly freeing, and it has motivated me to keep going! Each day, I will write down three or four things I am learning or experiencing at that moment. Who better to get to know well then me?

I hope you, my lovely readers, will take a moment as well, and comment and share a bit about you by “Saying Hello to Yourself.” Who are you?!

Hello to Me!

A warm fire, good friends, good cheer.

My home, my space, a moment to breathe.

The bikram studio, a walk in the woods, swimming naked in the moonlight, floating.

Riding my bike thru the city streets feeling free and able to go and be anywhere at my own whim.

Fear of aging, fear of being alone, afraid of not being good enough to accomplish my dreams.

Read more »

August 1st, 2013
by Diane

The Journey Home

I love this piece written by my friend Katie Lawson.  Katie shares her struggle with disordered eating, depression and anxiety.  Professionals had difficulty with providing a medical diagnosis, as Katie did not fit the profiles for any of these.  Through her own research and questioning she self-diagnosed herself with perfectionism,  manifested in disordered eating.  Here, Katie takes on the journey that lead her home to herself.  Isn’t this a struggle we all fight – to acknowledge all of who we are and accept and love our “imperfect” selves?

March 2007.

I sit in my kitchen hating myself, stuffed to the brim with Doritos, pizza flavored Gold Fish, vanilla ice cream, whatever kind of “forbidden food” I could stuff in my mouth as quickly as possible.  My mind completely shuts off when this happens. I don’t really even know how much I ate, but at least there was silence for a second. A relief from stress, anxiety, suppressed depression; a plunge into the oblivion that I can only achieve here…because at least I’m doing something. Relaxing or letting my mind rest in any other context would be lazy, idiotic, and messy.

The silence is short lived, however, as the mean, self-loathing voices begin to chatter away.

The next day I vow to be good; to eat only a cup of yogurt for breakfast…but that will be at 3 p.m. because there is NO WAY I could be hungry before then. Or ever again. Read more »